Observed Rides


An Observed Ride is the cornerstone of your Advanced training. 
  • Associates enjoy Observed Rides from the two "Pot Luck" group meetings held each month at Banstead and Tatsfield.
  • LAM is different to other Advanced Riding groups in that we do not allocate one Observer to work exclusively with you until you pass your test. Our approach is to expose you to a variety of different Observers, each with their own approach and style, where you can benefit from their wide range of riding knowledge and experience.
  • "Pot Luck's" are so-called because it's pot luck which Observer will be allocated to you. However, if Observer numbers are insufficient to go around and you have to double-up with another Associate, you will be matched with someone of a similar score.
  • Your ride will be written up in Tracker for you to review and remind yourself of the key training points your Observer identified for you to practice.
  • It is recommended that you do at least 150-200 practice miles between each OR.
  • Commuting miles don't count!
  • Book on tracker for ride details and to confirm your attendance.