Helpful Tips


 Arrive to all meetings with a Full Tank and Empty Bladder (FTEB)


Taster Ride

  • Check your bike is legal and road-worthy i.e. brake light, indicators and horn work and your tyres are in good condition. Your Observer won't take you out if there's a risk of danger to you or him/her.  
  • Wear protective clothing, ideally armoured jacket, trousers, boots and gloves. If you turn up in shorts and a t-shirt, you won't get a ride. 
  • Ride your normal ride and your Observer will give you feedback and introduce you to the concepts of advanced riding. 
  • If you enjoy the experience, like what you see and want to take your riding to the next level, simply sign up and join the club. 
  • 95% of all Taster Rides join the club.


First Observed Ride

  • See above - check your bike is legal and road-worthy, otherwise you won't get a ride. You'll be introduced to the concept of a POWDERS bike check.
  • See above - wear appropriate clothing, preferably armoured.
  • Aim to arrive 15 minutes early, so you're not rushing or stressed out. 
  • We've all been Associates and know how nervous you feel when someone's following you and observing your ride. Try to relax as much as possible (we know it's hard) and enjoy the ride. 
  • Keep your head up and don't spend the day looking in your mirrors. For new Associates, we use radios to take the pressure off, so you don't have to keep looking in your mirrors for indicator signals to know where you're going.
  • Leave your commuter head at home. While there is some town riding, we'll be doing a lot of country lanes where we can practice using the SYSTEM.
  • Buy your Observed Ride online (currently £12). We're a charity but still have expenses to cover to keep the club running and provide a service.
  • Buy your Observer a coffee and cake! We do this for free and don't earn any money from it. Our aim is to make you a safer and more confident rider - and we're all glad to do it! Your Observer is giving up most of his day to train you for free, so buy him or her a coffee and cake as a thank you.