The Norfolk weekend is a 3-day residential training weekend, based in Cromer, Norfolk. Day 1 consists of meeting with your Observer for an extended OR on the ride up. Traditionally, most people meet at Thurrock Services, then take a variety of routes up through the country lanes and villages of Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk. However, if it's more convenient to meet elsewhere, speak to your Observer and arrange a different meeting point. The ride up to Cromer usually takes 6-8 hours, so prepare yourself for a long day in the saddle.


Day 2 consists of enjoying your OR on the wide-open, empty roads of Norfolk. The lack of traffic makes for a hugely enjoyable day's riding, taking in the big sky and fantastic scenery of the area.  


Day 3 is a freestyle day. Traditionally, there are no OR's and you buddy-up to arrange a group ride home. If you're adventurous, you can take the twisties back and explore the sights and sounds of Norfolk, Suffolk and rural Essex. Alternatively, you can peel off any time and blast back to London on the motorway and dual carriageways. You may be able to persuade an Observer to give you an OR on the way home. However, this usually involves buying him or her several drinks in the bar the night before and promising unlimited coffee and cake on the trip back.