All new members will need to sign up to LAMs Tracker system. Tracker is where Observers will provide Associates with details and analysis of their ride, and will enable the Associate to monitor their development progress. You will also be able to view more details on LAM events (potluck OR days, ride outs for Associates and Full Members, away weekends, specialised training days, etc).

The Forum

Sign up to the LAM Forum and introduce yourself to the wider LAM group. The LAM Forum is a place where you can interact with other LAMers, discuss just how awesome it is to be a biker, and get support and advice from other members of the group. There are lots of discussions ranging from gear and technology, different routes around the region and beyond, insurance, bike maintenance, and even some general chit chat.

The Drop-off System

On group rides LAM uses the Drop-off System to manage the ride. Before you come out on your first group ride (Associates Only Ride for example), read up on the Drop-off System and take a test to ensure you know your stuff.

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