Joining LAM

To join LAM you must sign up for the IAM’s Advanced Rider Course which currently costs £149. Buy your Advanced Rider Course Online through the IAM. When you click “Buy Course” you will be prompted to enter an IAM local group number or location. Please use 2179 as the group number, enter your data of birth, and then click Submit to add it to your basket.

When your application has been processed you will receive information from IAM regarding the program and we will then contact you with all the information you will need to get up and running with LAM.

If you are not sure if the IAM “Skill for Life” program is for you why not come along to one of our Group Meetings and have a FREE Assessment ride with an Observer. You can then make a decision on the Skill for Life program after the ride. Be warned – currently over 95% of people join up after the assessment ride! See the Training page for details of Group Meetings and locations.


When you join the IAM Advanced Rider Course the package includes the first years membership of LAM and of the IAM. As an Associate you only need to pay LAM’s membership fee again if you go over a year’s membership without passing the IAM test.

Of course after you have passed your test, we hope that you will continue to take advantage of LAM’s training and social scene as a Full Member.

Full IAM members who wish to join LAM as their local IAM group can do so by asking for a membership form from – please state that you are a Full IAM member and quote your IAM Membership Number.

The annual cost of a year’s subscription to LAM is currently:

Full Members Associates
£20 £31

The difference in price between Members and Associates reflects the cost of providing training venues and facilities.

The LAM Incentive Offer

As part of our mission to improve rider skills, and reduce accidents and injury to motorcyclists LAM associates can claim cash back on successfully passing the IAM advanced test. There is no catch; it’s as simple as that.

Pass your advanced test within 6 months of joining and receive cash back.

Under 30 on day of test 30 and over on day of test
£80 £40

Claims must be made to the treasurer within 1 month of passing the test. Email for a claim form.

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