In Turkey on a motorbike

One of LAM’s members, Liboni, went on an excited ride into Turkey and has shared his trip with us.

In the summer I went on my first motorcycling trip abroad which was an incredible experience which I thought I would share. I ventured to Western Turkey with a couple of friends. The area had an amazing variety of roads, food, landscapes and people. Luckily one of our crew had lived and worked for several years in Istanbul and helped introduce us to the customs and converse with the local people – although his turkish is described as being equivalent to that of a rude 5 year old ! Our trip started in Istanbul where hired BMW 800gs adventure bikes which we were able to take off the beaten track and really explore the region. This was my first time venturing off tarmac. Having these bikes we were able to traverse coast roads, mountains and forests in incredible journey. Planning each day the night before and staying in guest houses and small lodges. No set destination other than in 5 days we needed to arrive in Bandirma to catch the Ferry back to Istanbul to return the bikes. A few spills, hundreds of miles later and plenty of hours in the saddle we returned to the dealership to drop back (the now muddied and slightly scratched) bikes.

Throughout the trip I tried to keep in mind what I had learnt in the few or’s that I had been on prior to trip, which definitely gave me a clearer logic and structure to my actions, and I felt a lot safer having a system to run through on roads I have never been on in a new country. Although off road riding had its own set of challenges and I can see myself booking a off road day pretty soon. Being mainly a london rider I find it difficult to fit in enough practice hours between ORs outside of the city. This journey has definitely given me some new inspiration to take my riding beyond the city and experience motorcycling in its essence – a unique experience, a journey an adventure.

My trip can been also viewed in a short video I have put on you-tube (video title: Assos ADV). You can find it on my channel you tube channel called Cool Munnings (just type this or the video title in the search bar). Check it out and feel free to share, comment or critique. Ride safe. Liboni

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