Chairs Chatter May 2018

Despite the weather, the Norfolk weekend went well with a number of associates nearly ready for their tests.

It’s a really good opportunity to increase your skills when it’s raining, as we tend not to plan to go out for a ride in it. (Commuting doesn’t count).  When was the last time you looked out of your window to find it pouring down and you actively rang a your friends and arranged a ride out or an OR.

Talking of arranging OR’s, please remember if you want an OR out side of group meetings, send an email to  One of the observer team will get back to you with some suggestions of dates and places to meet.  Please remember that the £10 contribution to your observers expenses is paid direct to your observer on the day.

Please remember to sign up to Tracker if you want to come along to he group meetings. You need to have completed a minimum of 200 miles between OR in order for them to benefit you (not including commuting miles).  Once you have done your practice miles, please log them on Tracker as this is an important part of self analysis and you will gain a lot from being honest.

LAM is busier and bigger than ever, which is fantastic news for everyone involved and these small actions above, will help us manage the increase in demand for advanced riding we have seen over he last few years.

Ride Safe

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