About LAM


The Institute of Advanced Motorists is a charitable Road Safety organisation founded in 1956. Its principal aim is to improve the standards of road use by offering Advanced driving tests. Membership of the Institute is restricted to those who have passed the Advanced Test.

The motorcycle test is based upon the principles of Roadcraft and lasts about 90 minutes.

Training for the Advanced Test is provided by a network of local Groups staffed by members who have passed their own Advanced Tests and wish to pass the benefits on to others.

The IAM divides the country into regions. London Advanced Motorcyclists (LAM) is in Region 2 and its Group number is 2179.

While the IAM does not run the local Groups, they do set down guidelines for the operation of the Groups. These are set out in the Group handbook which is held by the Group Secretary. In addition, to be an IAM approved Group, the Group’s Constitution must follow approved guidelines.


London Advanced Motorcyclists covers the Greater London area south of the Thames. LAM became an independent Group in 1987, prior to which it was a sub-section of the South of London Car Group. LAM is also a registered charity: No. 1063585.

LAM is one of the bigger IAM Groups in the country, with approximately 350+ Members, 7 National Observers and 20+ Observers.

LAM exists to get people up to the required standard to pass the Advanced Motorcycle Test. There is also a thriving social side including group rides, social evening and trips abroad.

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